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The Toughest Chainsaw Carrier you’ll ever mount to your ATV, UTV, Pickup or Jeep

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“SawGrip outperforms every other chain saw carrier out there!” (970) 399-3424 An ATV trail through the Aspen trees View from an ATV trial adopted by the Thunder Mountain Wheelers ATV club SawGrip mounted on a Yamaha Grizzly utility ATV


Being a member of an ATV club and volunteering with other members to clean trails of downed timber, we had to come up with something better. You stop and cut one log, go 50 feet and have to cut out another. This happens in our area after a lot of rain and wind. Untying the saw constantly got to be a pain. Saws get mud and dirt on them from being on the back rack, we decided to build a chainsaw mount that would cure the troubles mentioned above as well as be durable enough to handle the toughest trails. After 4,000 plus miles and 2 years of testing, riding over some tough terrain, enduring weather conditions of all kinds, putting saws in and out of the SawGrip hundreds of times we’ve had no problems. Once you set the resistance correctly on the chainsaw bar, you can get your chainsaw in and out of the bar grip fast. If you’re not using the saw often and just riding the trail, tighten the top T-handle ONLY and SawGrip will not let go.

People who buy the SawGrip are very pleased. A big THANK YOU to the dealers who let us measure the racks on their all the makes and models of ATV’s.  Check our news section for the latest model releases and future ATV club events we’re attending.

Clearing fallen trees from an ATV trial. Mike LeMaster and his Yamaha equiped with the SawGrip getting unstuck.