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Keith Dollar, AL
Vertical Mount

Just mounted a Vertical Mount on a Kubota M7848 tractor. It fit perfectly on the left side front loader frame. Bolted the unit through a gusset without compromising the structural frame. I had struck out mounting a saw on this tractor, until I found SawGrip. Great service, great idea, great product, and great US craftsmanship! !

Thanks, KD

Chris Spanel, IL
Arctic Cat Speed Rack

I love the unit! Way better than trying to strap it to my ATV. I also love the fact I can still use my front rack!!!

Dennis Thompson, BC

2014 Brute Force, u bolts small but simple fix. Fantastic product, it's a very simple process to mount. I had it on in 10 mins. Sturdy, easy access, rugged. Thank you for making this product. It is the best I've see, now own out there.

If you need a mount, this is by far hands down the best.



Don Simpson, OK
Can Am - 2012 Outlander with composite rack

I mounted the SawGrip on my 2014 outlander max xt 650. Easy installation and looks great.

Derrill Johnson, CO

I just mounted it up this week and took it out on the trail and it held the saw great. I really gave it a test over very rough trails. I did make one modification to the rack by gluing a closed cell rubber pad over the anti-skid material.

The heavy foam doesn't eat up the bottom of the saw and also reduce vibration. I used a piece of heavy foam mat that is normally placed on floors around work benches. The type that inter-locks and usually comes in 18x18 or 24x24 squares.

I have showed the unit to several of my rider friends and they were impressed. I ride with the Public Entry & Access Rights ( S.P.E.AR.) club located out of Blanding and Monticello, Utah. We all do a lot of trail maintenance all over the Southeastern corner, San Juan County, Utah.


Steve Wardell

Mike, I received my sawgrip today and had it on the 4 wheeler in less than 5 minutes. Fits perfect, and attaches to the rack nice and tight. Great design! I am looking forward to using it in the spring.

Bruce Willis, Moscow
Polaris Lock N Ride

The mount holds the saw firmly in place. I normally won't rate anything a perfect score, but this mount does exactly what it's designed to do. Highly recommended.

Jim Pemberton, UT
Arapeen Trail Council

Mike, I just wanted to pass on that the Saw Carrier works fantastic. Over the past two weeks I carried my saw over 300 miles and not a problem one. I am very pleased with this one and the Forest Service here is also very interested in getting some. However; right now they are busy fighting fires all over the state so it may be a while before they get in contact with you but they really liked what they saw (No Pun). I will be in contact later this summer (after fires subside) and let you know what they want to do. Again thanks for a great product at a very reasonable price.

Chris Garner, NY

Just got the SawGrip today. I installed it on my 2011 King Quad 750 in minutes. (no drilling) It is sturdier than it appears on-line, and holds my Stihl MS 441 perfectly. I bought my ATV to use for low-impact firewood harvesting on my property in NY. This will definitely survive frequent use without a doubt, and do it for years, I'm sure. Thank you so much, and Godbless. -Chris

Blair Mahar, MA
Arctic Cat Speed Rack

This is a great product. Durable and well made .. .in the USA.

David Carroll, OR
Can Am Standard

I love your product and have recommended to many atv'ers. I do think that the shipping and the extra charge of 3.50 is a little pricey. Check with ups, they should be cutting you a better deal. thank you and keep up the good work!

Tom Brayford, Ontario, Canada
Custom Build

Mike was great to work with. He was prompt responding to my email and very accommodating figuring out my custom mount. I've only just installed it so I can't comment on its reliability yet. But so far so good. I'm anxious to put it to work.

Peter Golby, Alberta, Canada
Arctic Cat Multi-Rack

Steel receiver pins that mount the sawgrip to the multi rack are not the right size, they are slightly smaller as well as the holes provided for the stainless steel pins are too small. Requires the holes to be drilled larger on a drill press to work. Better research is needed to sell the sawgrip hardware to Arctic Cat owners with multi racks.

Erik Lewicki, MI
Arctic Cat Multi-Rack

The Saw Grip is a quality product made in the U.S.A. of heavy gauge steel. The Saw Grip I ordered was built specifically for my ATV and installed in a flash, and doesn't have the shortcomings of your typical "one size fits all" design. I look forward to putting this product to work commercially as a land surveyor in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I should have bought this a long time ago!


Erik Lewicki

Newberry, MI

Murray McGuigan, BC

I really like the product but I might suggest instead of the abrasive anti slip that the saw body sits on, a rubber pad instead. That rough surface has really chewed up the bottom of both my saws. Still, IMO, the best power saw holder on the market.

Anthony Reece, Austraila

Hi mike, I received saw mount. It's great thanks for your time and service in getting it to me. Much appreciated.

Anthony Reece.

Jeremy Richards, BC

Good Evening,

I purchased your Saw Grip a couple of months back and have it installed on my 01 Honda Foreman 450 ES. I have a double gun mount from Kolpin on the front of my quad so I had to change the set up a little bit. I will send you some pictures of what I have done. So far I have been about 300 KMS and it has performed very well. I removed and reinstalled my little Stihl about 20 times with no issues. I have no complaints at all but the one thing I did do was remove the grip tape and glue down some cut and formed hose. Was basically a 3" diameter coolant hose that I cut and formed into shape. The terrain I ride on is quite rocky and although the saw didn't really move, it did seem to wear out the grip tape toward the end. I like how durable it is and undoubtedly how well made it is. It's unfortunate that other products are not as strong as the Saw Grip.

I don't suppose you have any interest in having a Canadian distributor? I live in a pretty rugged area with forestry all around. I own three automotive shops and have storage in my Rossland, Be shop. Just a thought.

Like I said I will send you some pictures of what I did to mount it to my quad with my set up.


Jeremy Richards

Tim Lorge, PA

Saw grips are a well built must have for your ATV. The quality workmanship coupled with a great design makes the Sawgrip easy to use and a way to conveniently carry your saw in any situation. Because of the design and ease of use, I find I always have my chainsaw with me never leaving in a situation where I wish I had it while in remote locations. Mike builds a quality product and stand behind what he sells.

Jeff Pearson, WI
Can Am

Mike, just a quick note to say how pleased I am with the quality and design of your sawgrip. I purchased one for my 2011 CanAm Outlander 800XT MAX. The only reason gave 4 stars instead of 5 was in the mounting instructions, it said a T40 Torx and 12MM wrench, on my particular model, the T40 was correct, however, mine had a 13MM nut, not sure if all 2011's are that way, but I do know mine is. Other than that, which in all reality is no big deal, I'm totally pleased with your product, and am glad I chose to purchase it. Keep up the good work, and will gladly show all my friends the sawgrip in action.

Thanks again, and God Bless!

Jeff Pearson

Ted Shaw, PA

I have had mine for over a year now and have cut firewood for heat for over twenty years. Holds a 50cc saw like a vise, a great quality product made in the USA. Thank you.


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